What to Expect...

First and foremost you can expect a great and memorable time on the water. We always seem to see wildlife and marine life along our journey around the sound, canals & estuaries searching for the Searun Cutthroat.


The Olympic peninsula offers exceptional birding and wildlife viewing year round. Our mild winters support large numbers of ocean birds & waterfowl. Spring & Fall migrations offer great diversity in many species.

Summer residents are numerous and varied due to a diversity in habitat including rain forests, tidelands, and estuaries. Bald eagles, Osprey, Great Blue Herons, Gulls, Geese, Scoters (Sea Ducks) Common Loons, and Comorants.


I always carry a set of binoculars for anyone’s interest in viewing.

The Boat...

We will be fishing on 1 of 20 boats custom fabricated and specifically designed for flyfishing the bays and estuaries of the Puget Sound. This 19′ Bay boat is not only comfortable but will handle up to 2 guests to flycast and has all the amenities for a great day on the water.

Here at SEARUN we want to offer the most for your outing on the water. Safety is always first and second a memorable day of flyfishing.  A waiver must be signed by each individual and submitted in person or emailed to before your day on the water.  Also, don't forget your WASHINGTON STATE DEPT. OF FISH AND WILDLIFE LICENSE (saltwater license).  Both the waiver and the license are required before leaving the dock.


Not only will I try to give you the most enjoyable trip on the water, but I also know we live in the Pacific Northwest where weather patterns are always changing. It’s important to have the right layers of clothing when fishing to be as comfortable as possible. Temperatures change and can be cool in the mornings while running to locations, so it’s always good to be prepared. I recommend Frogg Toggs for a light weight jacket or pants that fight off the wind and rain if needed. Stocking caps will help keep your head warm and a ball cap or visor will help block reflections from the water. Bright colors should be avoided. Waders and boots are not necessary as we will be fishing from the comfortable deck of the boat. Non-marking tennis shoes, sandals, or boat shoes are fine.




Always important to bring are a good pair of polarized sunglasses which help us to see the fish we are casting to and chasing the fly. Bronze colored lenses seem to work well for all the waters we will be fishing.

All fly rods, reels, and lines are provided and are of the best quality, and most likely you’ll be using some of my favorite stash of equipment. A light weight spin rod will also be available just in case. If you’d like to bring your favorite fly rod, I recommend a 5 wt rod and weight forward floating line if possible.

All flies will be furnished to meet all the conditions and waters to be fished. Small clousers and flatwing patterns are a great start for beginners with larger flies for the experienced fly caster. We will also be throwing top water patterns on the surface which always gets exciting! Catching these wonderful fish on the fly requires some experience with handling the fly rod, but don’t worry, I’ll do my very best to assist you and meet your level of casting.

We are always updating and refining our designs.  We do our best to ensure that what you see on this web site matches what you receive.  Slight variations in design may occasionally occur.

© Copyright 2020 Wm. Mark Dalton

All images and content © 2020 Dalton Art Studios.  Fishing is a passion that we hope to capture and share through Mark's classically rendered artwork.   Please fish responsibly and remember that we share the earth with all animals and they deserve our care and respect.

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