WILLIAM MARK DALTON draws his inspiration from the streams he fishes, the forests he hikes, and the natural world around him.  His passion for fly fishing is endless and he travels the country seeking out new waters to explore.  He shares his passion and extensive experience with others when providing guiding services for fly fishermen in the Puget Sound area.  The beauty and wonder of the ecosystem that surrounds us all is at the core of Mark's artwork.

Over the past 25 years, Mark has become well known for his meticulous hand-painted pin striping, gold leaf work and lettering on some of the most luxurious vintage, Formula 1, and race cars. He also has an extensive portfolio of custom sign and logo designs. “I love every project, but some of my most rewarding have been working with veterans and children with prosthetics, decorating them with art and designs that have special meaning to them. Their stories and smiles humble me.”

Besides Mark’s wife, family, and artwork, the one thing that he says has been a constant life-long passion is fly fishing for native Steelhead and Searun Cutthroat trout and exploring the beauty of the surroundings and waterways where these unique fish reside. “I’ve grown up and lived in the Pacific Northwest my whole life. Some of my earliest artistic inspiration came from watching my mom paint beautiful pictures on our farm and on the camping trips we’d take deep into the rainforest. As a small child I remember my father teaching each one of my brothers and I the lessons of the forest and how to wade and fly fish these beautiful majestic rivers and give them the respect they deserve. I miss him by my side and wish he was still with me along on this journey.”eat go to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

We are always updating and refining our designs.  We do our best to ensure that what you see on this web site matches what you receive.  Slight variations in design may occasionally occur.

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All images and content © 2020 Dalton Art Studios.  Fishing is a passion that we hope to capture and share through Mark's classically rendered artwork.   Please fish responsibly and remember that we share the earth with all animals and they deserve our care and respect.

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