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Salmon Swimming Upstream - 1:58

In Mark's backyard there is a class 5 salmon stream.  Every year salmon come back here to spawn.  This is from that very stream in late November.

Spawning Salmon Fight - 5:22

In that same backyard stream, two competing salmon go head to head, or probably head to tail...


Rare behavioral footage of salmon before the spawn.

Eagle Flag Airbrush Reveal - 1:35

Mark recently finished a commissioned piece for the inside of a Corvette hood.  The assignment: an eagle with the US flag over it's face.  Here is Mark removing the final frisket masking to reveal the (nearly) finished painting.

Mark Dalton paints a Prosthetic Leg - 1:30

Here is Mark painting a leg prosthetic for a veteran who lost his leg in combat.  Mark takes special pride in working with members of the armed services, helping provide a unique and engaging look to their prosthetic limbs.

The Man with the Seahawks Leg - King 5 News

Pete Nichols lost a leg in a motorcycle accident. After the Seahawks won Super Bowl 48, he got permission from to use the team's helmet design as a tattoo for his prosthetic. Then, to get it made, he went to a one of a kind port orchard company called Prosthetic Ink.  Airbrush artist Wm. Mark Dalton, who usually works on hot rods and Harleys, did the paint job.


Click to see the King 5 news story


Above Iliamna - 5:32

A beautiful video documenting the salmon returning to Lake Iliamna in Alaska.  Shot with a lot of drone footage gives the opportunity to see salmon spawning ponds from a unique angle.


Film by Jason Ching.

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