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THE NAME "KILLER SPAWN" is a natural fit for Searun Enterprises and Dalton Art Studios to offer artist Wm. Mark Dalton's love and artistic passion of the natural world reproduced as decals, mugs, notecards and on apparel.  That is one of the reasons that a portion of every sale of every item on this web site goes to supporting both the Coastal Cutthroat Coalition and the Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group.


Growing up amidst hundreds of streams and bodies of water here in the Pacific Northwest, Mark has long realized the significance of understanding stream and waterway management.  He has been involved in a variety of volunteer projects working with organizations such as the Coastal Cutthroat Coalition and the Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group.  Currently Mark is working with The Midsound Salmon Enhancement Group on streamside enhancements to preserve spawning habitats.  Mark believes that in sharing his passion through art and education, more people can understand and appreciate the significance of our rivers,  streams and waterways, and will pass that same enthusiasm along to others.


The stream is the beginning and the stream is the end, providing the beginning and ending of life to many species.  This is the home where as many fall to rest as new lives begin.  This is the inspiration behind the name Killer Spawn..." The rest is in the water".  Everything from education and art to decals and apparel to help show your enthusiasm and support for these worthwhile causes.  Bringing fishing enthusiasts together, united in a common bond working for the preservation of the natural fishing habitats we all treasure and work to protect for future generations.

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